Triumphant return!

What could be a more auspicious rebirth for The (Ultimate) Librarian than my first day of work in my first professional role?  I think it’s pretty triumphant, anyway.  I’ve updated the look, refreshed my background story, and now it’s time for my first post in 4 years.  Although I’ve blogged elsewhere, for the Medical Libraries Association Annual Conference, the Midwest Chapter of MLA, and even on my very own wedding blog as I attempted to document my journey as a “green bride,” it feels damn good to be back home.

But I’m a tease.  I’m exhausted, I’ve only had the first of many days of new job orientation and don’t really know what I’ll be doing, and I just moved to a new city without my husband or cats where I’m renting a room that I have to access by ladder (okay, it’s actually really cool).  So this post is not much more than a promise to myself and to you to make this space into something more than it has been, and in the very near future.  Stay tuned for actual medical librarian content!

I can’t just leave it at that, though…So I’ll share my new organization’s values.  Because the people I met today have created a place that really embodies them, a place where I’m more than a little excited to be working.  Without further ado:

  • I believe every patient deserves the best care.
  • I believe in responsibly managing resources.
  • I believe in accountability, teamwork, and respect.

The first person was suggested at orientation, so that we all (from the very first day) understand that we are each responsible for making sure the values are upheld.  And yeah, that’s something I can definitely believe in.  And they are obviously applicable to my new role!  How do you feel about your institution’s values?