Fighting PowerPoint

Okay, I did it. I finally tried out Jessamyn West’s html slide template. The presentation isn’t that great, and I haven’t actually given it yet, but I feel a litte more like, hey, this is something I can do. And just from looking at the css style sheet, I think I understand a tiny bit more of what it is and how it works and how HTML and CSS and everything all fit together. Although I did do some really ugly additions to the index.html (for example, the alignment stuff) that I probably should have done in the style sheet. But I’ll learn, I swear. So, thank you, Jessamyn.

p.s. this weekend I’m going away for the Stanford Invitational. So maybe my next post will finally be the first on ultimate. Don’t hold your breath.


card games

I’m sure tons of people have been posting about this, but I just think this is too cool. I’m also currently in class, but obviously I have screwy priorities, and I just want to post this before I forget. Superpatron led me to this post from this guy. Virtual catalog cards? That we can write on? Every library that has, ahem, disposed of their card catalogs should jump on this! Also, I haven’t been able to explore Ann Arbor District Library’s site, but I’ve heard good things.