Goodbye for now

I should have done this a long time ago… My apologies for my absence. And now there will probably be an even longer one, but not to worry, I’ll probably be back. ūüôā

So, over the past 6 months, a few things have changed.¬† I graduated, so I am now able to “officially” call myself a librarian.¬† Unless you have to actually work as a librarian to call yourself one…I have my MLIS, and I am currently working as a Content Indexer.¬† Basically, I help maintain the content on MSN Shopping.¬† I’m quite happy to have a job, and I’m enjoying the fact that I don’t have homework anymore.¬† I’m living in a new house with a slightly different set of roommates, and my fiance and I have set a date for our wedding (but it’s not until 2009).¬† That’s the news.¬† I’m kind of busy enjoying my life, and I don’t have the fresh ideas popping up from class discussions anymore (for now…).¬† So I’m going to put this blog more or less on hold.¬† If I have a mind-blowing idea that I want to be able to reference in the future, I’ll put it up here, but maybe don’t hold your breath.¬† ūüôā¬† I may start a new, more personal blog, but that will remain to be seen.

¬†So, for my final entry for the time being, I’m going to post an idea that’s perhaps not¬†outstandingly¬†original, but it has been floating on a sticky on my desktop for some time.¬†

¬†Most libraries have regularly scheduled staff meetings, correct?¬† I’ve sat in a¬†few of these at a couple of libraries as a student staff member.¬† Changes in policy,¬†library events, and similar topics¬†seem like pretty standard meeting fare.¬† I’d like to see some time in these meetings where frontline staff (basically, ANYONE who¬†EVER¬†could have¬†contact with library users)¬†take a few minutes¬†to share an interesting comment/reference question/feedback/suggestion that he/she responded to (along with the response) since the last meeting.¬† Just to start a dialog and to¬†help others¬†respond to similar inquiries/comments in the future.¬† Kind of a living wiki.¬† ūüôā¬† And obviously, someone could¬†keep track of all this info on an actual¬†wiki.¬† But my thought is¬†creating just a wiki isn’t useful if no one is using it.¬† And sometimes it’s hard to see the point of one.¬† Actually having a conversation may draw people in that wouldn’t normally.¬† And it’s a little more informal; you could use these dialogs to track patterns and look for new¬†areas of service and policy, or it¬†could simply be a time to learn from each other’s strategies and maybe even share a sense of solidarity at some of the things that can come up…

If you know of somewhere this or something similar is done (doesn’t have to be a library), please share!¬†

Moving along, I wish you all the best.¬† Thanks for reading!¬† ūüôā¬†¬†If all goes according to plan, I’ll be back, and maybe I’ll have¬†stories to share about actually implementing some of my scattered ideas.¬†¬†In the meantime, you can find me at some of my¬†online hangouts:

–Ē–ĺ —Ā–≤–ł–ī–į–Ĺ–ł—Ź,¬†–ī—Ä—É–∑—Ć—Ź!¬†¬†¬†


The Professional

Who is a professional? Are librarians professionals? Is Léon a professional?

Personally, I haven’t decided whether librarians are or not, and I mostly don’t care. But wouldn’t you rather be a considered a professional then the reverse? Most people here at the iSchool seem to feel that librarians are not professionals because 1) they don’t have a standard core of knowledge and 2) because we don’t have a governing body. Huh.

Do other people outside of the field consider librarians to be professionals? I guess probably not in the sense that a doctor or a lawyer is a professional. But, hopefully, most librarians (and information specialists/scientists/superheros) act professionally, and maybe that’s what’s important anyway.

This is just came up again in my information ethics class. I think it’s been discussed in the bibliosphere before, although I can’t seem to find any posts about it, but I kind of wonder what other people on the “outside” think. Unfortunately, I don’t have any readers that I’m aware of, so this question will probably just be put to my friends sometime when I’ve drunk enough wine to have intelligent conversation. ūüôā

but perhaps librarians (I keep wanting to write “we”, but I’m trying not to be clique-y) do have a core of knowledge. After all, there is a OKCupid test! (I’m aspiring, how ’bout you?)