A little bit of background

This blog was ostensibly my first (I had a Blogger account, too, but nothing ever happened there).  It began in December 2005, on Christmas Eve.  I had just completed my first semester of library school, and wanted a place to document and publicly air my thoughts and ideas.  It was also the beginning of my self-identification as “ultimatelibrarian”.  I’m pretty sure at this point I was still dreaming of being a Slavic subject specialist when I grew up.  That would soon change…for now, let’s skip ahead.

On March 7th, 2011, I began my first real professional job as the solo hospital librarian at Aurora Grafton.  Aurora is a hospital and advanced care system, and so while I am “solo”, I have the support of other librarians at other Aurora locations.  As I am writing this on March 7th, to kick-start a return to my old blog (which was only ever sporadically update anyway), I am not sure what that actually means or the exact scope of what I’ll be doing.  But I do know that after 2 years of grad school, a year of “finding myself” (read: enjoying life in Seattle, WA while doing some entry level work), and 2 years of a post-graduate fellowship, I have this wonderful feeling that this is exactly what I should be doing, and that the years it took me to get here were worth it.  I’m hoping to make this blog a place where I can share experiences and ideas, document my thoughts and impressions, and get feedback from whomever wants to give it to me.  All specifically centered around the career that I’ve already found so rewarding.

So why did I decide to become a medical librarian after the Slavic aspirations?  It’s a complicated journey.  It probably began a long time ago, and at some point I’ll try to write about some of my influences and invite you to share yours; I love hearing about all the incredibly diverse places we’ve all come from.  But I do need to say that while I decided the specific path and outcome of my education and experience, I was driven and inspired by my sister and best friend Christine, who passed away from glioblastoma the year I began this blog, but who still found the time and energy to encourage the dreams of both healthy and seriously ill children.  Just a few years later, my friend (she was so much more than that) Sarah also passed away from cancer due to Li-Fraumeni Syndrome.  She lived knowing she would just keep getting cancer, but that didn’t stop her from living life to its absolute fullest and working towards a degree in public health so that she could help others.

We all have our stories and inspirations, losses and happy endings.  Thanks for reading a little about mine, and I hope you enjoy my little space on the ‘net.



the ultimatelibrarian


p.s. thanks, jason.  ❤










My original “About me” from 2005 (for posterity):

2 truths and a lie:
1) i play ultimate frisbee
2) i am a taurus
3) i’m an mlis student at the university of washington

just truths:
i speak a little russian
i’m 6′ exactly and 24 years old
i’m the oldest of 4 girls. sadly, one of my sisters passed away in 2005 after a 2 year battle with a brain tumor that she was winning most of the time. this site is in some way dedicated to her.


Jason and me at the Child’s Play auction. We’re pictochatting, but not just with each other. Ha!


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