A Direction

I've been doing some thinking. I kind of wanted this blog to be "about" something; to have some sort of "focus". And it hasn't really had anything of that sort…until now. After going to a concert for my friend's band, I had this random idea of using the library to promote local musical groups. But where to put this idea so that I never lose it? Why, the blog, of course! The plan is to keep this up until the ideas stop and I become an old, crochety, disillusioned librarian, sometime around 30. Feel free to comment on my "ideas" and tell me that they've already been thought of and implemented elsewhere (tell me where!  tell me where!). Disclaimer: for the most part, I doubt my ideas will be of the technical, OPAC improvement kind (although there might be a little of that). They'll be more community-based, random things that I'd just like to see done in a library setting. Enough.

previous ideas:

1) Create a service for cancer patients and their families. Could work with the social worker and/or caregivers, could be volunteer…I know my mom could have used some help with her Google searches when she was looking up information on my sister's cancer. At that point, neither of us knew about MedlinePlus. (This was better articulated, but I lost where I wrote it down).

2) Create an outreach program that would connect rural physicians with their local public librarian (assuming one exists). This idea came from a health sciences librarianship course I took. (The presentation is mentioned briefly in another entry.)

3) Promote local bands. Create displays and exhibits showcasing their albums (including album art). Make sure your collection owns EVERYTHING local (or, in big cities with lots of groups, maybe just your neighborhood…policy writing time!). On school outreach projects, try to get students to tell you about their groups. Keep track of announcements of concerts in the newspaper and try to collect concert fliers for fun display cases.

today's small display idea:
promote ultimate frisbee! (obvious at all?)

(I also reserve the right to randomly post about anything I want). 


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