EPA libraries budget cut

This is not good. Loss of the EPA libraries will have dire consequences for the statewide branches who depend upon them and the eletronic catalog for their research. The general public also has access to the catalog as it stands, and other environmental agencies use the resources for their own research. Not to mention the job cuts…

This is not just not good. This is bad.

For more information, check out the technorati results for EPA libraries.

Also, from the Progressive Librarian’s mailing list:

We are aware at the Washington Office and are trying to figure out what
to do. This is $2M out of a $300M cut to EPA, so it is completely
uncertain that the envir’l community will focus much, if any, attention
on it. The Associations will write a letter, at a minimum.

As always, writing to relevant appropriations committee/subcommittee
Members is the most effective (particularly, if they are your Members).
Grassroots constituency contact is essential.


SUBCOMMITTEE on Interior and Related Agencies
Senator Conrad Burns (Chairman) (MT)
Senator Ted Stevens (AK)
Senator Thad Cochran (MS)
Senator Pete Domenici (NM)
Senator Robert Bennett (UT)
Senator Judd Gregg (NH)
Senator Larry Craig (ID)
Senator Wayne Allard (CO)
Senator Byron Dorgan (Ranking Member) (ND)
Senator Robert C. Byrd (WV)
Senator Patrick Leahy (VT)
Senator Harry Reid (NV)
Senator Dianne Feinstein (CA)
Senator Barbara Mikulski (MD)
Senator Herb Kohl (WI)

SUBCOMMITTEE on Interior and Related Agencies
Charles H. Taylor, NC (R – Chairman)
Zach Wamp, TN (R)
John E. Peterson, PA (R)
Don Sherwood, PA (R)
Ernest J. Istook, Jr., OK (R)
Robert Aderholt, AL (R)
ohn Doolittle, CA (R)
Michael K. Simpson, ID (R – Vice Chair)
Norman D. Dicks, WA (D – Ranking Member)
James P. Moran, VA (D)
Maurice D. Hinchey, NY (D)
John W. Olver, MA (D)
Alan B. Mollohan, WV (D)

Write to your representatives, write letters to the editor, get this issue out there in the public eye!


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