Bouche de Noel

Originally uploaded by UltimateLibrarian.

My youngest sister’s creation. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!


2 thoughts on “winner

  1. Hey Amy! I was writing this French paper about what I did over vacation, and I realized it isn’t “bouche” (which means mouth) but rather “buche” with a circumflex (this thing ^) over the u. Just thought I would let you know ;). Well, I better get going, I love and miss you tons! Talk to you later (maybe this weekend…?). Bye!

  2. Is that chocolate!? That looks like chocolate. I know I made straight C’s in french class but I’m pretty sure I know chocolate when I see it. Wow, looks delicious.

    Anyway, I just had to comment because you’re a student at U-dub (do they still call it that?) and I used to go to Western (in Bellingham, but I’m sure you already knew that). I liked your comments about the library blog clique thing. I attended the ALA blog party last June and I have to admitt, it was a bit like being in high school again where all the “well known” bloggers sorta hanged together and the rest of us just stared on in admiration. Personally, I’m glad my blog isn’t known. Can you imagine having to feel the need to apologize for not posting for while or announcing that you’re going to be gone for a few weeks so “don’t think I’ve abandoned you all or anything.” No, blogging is still very much a personal excercise to me and I’ll keep executing it in that way with my own rules and guidelines.
    All the best with your schooling!

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